If you're interested in getting more clients through the door and driving additional revenue, then you need to listen up!

I'll be sharing the EXACT roadmap I've taken to become a booked out bridal tanning specialist with over 1,000 brides walking through the salon doors every year.

June 6th @ 11am AEST

You won't want to miss this 45 min chat!

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In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

  • Marketing To Brides

    My top marketing tips on how to market directly to brides on social media.

  • B2B Networking Tips

    Which businesses you need to network with in order to secure bridal bookings all year round (all without spending time and money on expensive advertising).

  • Content Essentials

    My essential MUST HAVES for re-sharing your bridal client content to encourage positive word of mouth.

  • The Flawless Glow

    Our pre-bridal information and consultation questions that EVERY bride receives before their appointment to ensure a flawless glow

Watch This Masterclass If...

  • You want to start a career in tanning but have no idea where to start - don't worry, we'll cover the basics!

  • You're new to the tanning world and want to take your business to the next level

  • You're passionate about working hard to make your tanning dreams come true

  • You're excited to learn from a seasoned pro!

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  • I've not launched my tanning business yet, is this still worth while?

    Absolutely! We all need to start somewhere and having my top tips under your belt is the best way to start. I'll also be going through the mistakes I've made so you don't have to!

  • I've already had my tanning business for a little while, will I still learn something from this?

    Definitely. I am a big believer in never stopping learning. There's a good chance I'll mention something you've not thought about that will help to grow your business. There'll also be an opportunity to ask questions at the end which is the perfect way to find out how to level up your business.

  • I can't make it to the live session - will it be recorded?

    We totally understand life is busy! The session will be recorded and sent to everyone who signs up after the session so you can access it again.

  • How long will the webinar go for?

    I'm going to be chatting to you for 45 minutes. Then I will answer any questions submitted throughout the session for about 15 minutes. So all in all, about an hour!

  • How much is the live webinar?

    Totally FREE! Think of this webinar as a taster of our more in-depth courses. The perfect way to dip your toes into the BBT Academy.